SizeTek ARK

The Torch Reimagined

We have developed a precise and efficient
temperature controlled system which reduces the
learning curve of jewelry soldering needs  
by several orders of magnitude.

Our proprietary process guarantees an accurate solder
placement linked to a perfectly executed solder flow in
milliseconds, every time. 

Our goal is to drive a new standard of jewelry repair
and manufacturing that couples rapid execution and
professional craftsmanship into a repeatable science.

The Challenge

Our challenge was to make an affordable simple to use soldering system with incredible accuracy and performance that a novice or experienced bench jeweler will utilize with confidence and profitability. Hand torches take to long to achieve a high level of skill. They also distribute heat over a broad area of the jewelry piece making stone damage, or solder flowing to the wrong spot an undesirable possibility. Lasers are too expensive and welding is not always the best option for jewelry repair because of the permanency factor.

Laser systems are too complex and expensive for many would be users

With a $15,000 price tag for the low range of laser systems, an entry into the laser world still remains the privilege of the few. Laser welding can suffer from integrity issues while a rapid and homogeneous solder flow can prove to be more reliably superior.

Traditional torches can be difficult to learn

The learning curve for the traditional torch method can take years to become adept at. The torch is not precise and suffers from many drawbacks of control and accuracy. Many times solder does not flow exactly where you want it to. Gases are required and the issue of heat damage to surrounding gems is a major concern. 

Our Advanced Science Changes All That

Understanding the
SizeTek technology and vision

Over 8 years of development produced a novel hand held soldering probe that provides a precise and reliable solder connection at a low cost entry point. Solder flow temperatures are accurately controlled in real time making a consistent error free performance immediately available for all bench jewelers regardless of skill level. From chain repair to head soldering, ring sizing or jump ring repair, repronging to retipping. SizeTek's ARK is the go to instrument for simplicity and rapid repeatable high quality solder work. All these features are delivered from the push of a single button.

 3 steps to solder perfection

The SizeTek ARK is used simply by dialing to the desired solder on the front panel menu, then picking up a solder ball with the vacuum tip on the handpiece, then placing the solder via the probe at the seam where you want the solder to flow, and pushing the magic button. It's just that simple, that fast.